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Pesach 2024 With cRc Kosher

March 19, 2024

cRc Kosher is happy to announce that our popular Pesach Page website is now live! You now have access to all the information cRc Kosher has to offer to help you make Pesach, including:

  • Download the full Pesach Guide
  • Download selected Pesach Guide articles
  • Links to selected full articles – including sources
  • Link to ASKcRc to get specific Pesach product information
  • Links to a new Pesach Alerts and Products page
  • Links to our new Audio Library
  • Links to our Pesach Videos
  • Links to Pesach FAQ – we created a fully searchable library of all our Pesach FAQs
  • Links to our General Pesach Policies
  • Link to our Lipstick Checker

NEW!!! New for this year, view our Pesach Guide online in a flip book!

Our popular consumer website, Askcrc.org, as well as our apps (Android and Apple/iOS) have also been updated with the Pesach info.

Finally, the hugely popular Pesach Guide 2024 is now available for free pickup in select Chicagoland stores next week. It is also available for free download on our dedicated Pesach Page. Paper copies can be ordered on the cRc Books Page.

Our Pesach Guide includes everything you need to prepare for Pesach, including our classic Shopping Guide, Pesach Liquor List, Milk & Dairy Products, Medicine & Cosmetics Guidelines, Kashering & Tevillas Keilim Guidelines, Dietary Needs, Seder Prep, Pesach Food for Pets, Fruit & Vegetable Guide, and Your Questions Answered. It also includes interesting and informative articles, such as Kashrus Photos, and Where We’ve Been.

cRc Kosher – Here to help you with your busy Pesach preparations, in the kitchen and beyond.

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