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Category: New Publication

2023 Pesach Guide Now Available

March 17, 2023 The cRc Kosher is happy to announce that our popular Pesach Guide 2023 is now available for free pickup in select Chicagoland stores. It is also available for free download on our dedicated Pesach Page. Our Pesach Guide includes everything you need to prepare for Pesach, including our classic Shopping Guide, Pesach...

New Sefer From Rabbi Dovid Cohen – Animal Products

Rabbi Dovid Cohen, cRc Administrative Rabbinic Coordinator, has published a new sefer, Animal Products. This sefer covers items which come from animals (and birds and insects) that are not fleishig, including yotzeh min hatamei (YD 81), eggs (YD 86), milk and dairy (YD 115). It is available at www.kashrushalacha.com through Lulu or Amazon....

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