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Author: Akiva Niehaus

2023 Pesach Guide Now Available

March 17, 2023 The cRc Kosher is happy to announce that our popular Pesach Guide 2023 is now available for free pickup in select Chicagoland stores. It is also available for free download on our dedicated Pesach Page. Our Pesach Guide includes everything you need to prepare for Pesach, including our classic Shopping Guide, Pesach...

cRc Kosher Visits Kosherfest 2022

cRc Kosher is proud to once again exhibit by Kosherfest. Kosherfest 2022 is coming near and we’re looking forward to meeting our certified companies and meet some new ones. Please stop by Booth 437 to meet our team. Rabbi Eli Markowitz and Rabbi Sholem Fishbane Pick up our popular cRc Kosher hechsher cards! Let us...

Updated Pas Yisroel Information

The cRc is proud to announce that starting in 5783, all cRc Restaurants will be fully Pas Yisroel with the exception of franchise establishments (such as Dunkin Donuts, Graeter’s Ice Cream, Rita’s and Cinnaholic). (Please note that the bagels in the cRc-certified Dunkin Donuts are Pas Yisroel.) We thank our certified restaurants for doing their...

Get Ready For Rosh Hashanah With the Updated Simanim Chart

With Rosh Hashanah on the way, we’re all preparing the simanim for Rosh Hashanah. Many people eat pomegranate, fish head, and of course, they dip the apple in the honey!   But, most importantly, don’t forget to make sure that there are no kashrus issues. Use our updated Simanim Chart to get the latest info...

A Sticky Rice Situation

New posting from The Kashrus Awareness Project! Join an insightful conversation between Rabbi Yitzchok Hisiger and Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, Director of Kashrus for the Chicago Rabbinical Council, and the Executive Director of AKO, discussing a sticky rice situation that happened at a recent event. See the video by clicking here....

Liquid Sale – cRc Kosher Visits Buffalo Trace

“If we’re selling our chometz, it has to be done right, no shortcuts,” says Mark Brown, president and CEO of Sazerac Company, the second-largest spirits company in the US and parent company of Buffalo Trace bourbon. Mark might not strike you as the man responsible for thousands of bottles of some of the best bourbons...

Rabbi Fishbane Featured in Mishpacha Magazine

The cRc Kosher is proud to announce that Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, our Kashrus Administrator, was featured in Mishpacha Magazine (Issue 897, February 2, 2022). In an article titled, Step Up To The Plate, Rabbi Fishbane bemoans how kosher consumers may not be as vigilant as they need to be. “We’ve come a long way in...

Buffalo Trace Releases cRc Kosher Certified Products

Since ancient times, alcoholic beverages have played an important role in both religious and social life. The use of wine in temple services spanned across many cultures. The local pub was the social center of towns, where events were celebrated, and tales were told.  These cultural developments have stayed with us today, although modern palates...

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