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Rabbi Sholem Fishbane interviewed by Ami Magazine

Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, cRc Kashrus Administrator, was interviewed by Ami Magazine (July 3, 2024) about the Camp Kashrus Initiative, a project of the Association of Kashrus Organizations (AKO). Camps can avail themselves of a free inspection by a central kashrus organization to assess their status and identify areas for improvement. Read more here: For Camps...

cRc Kosher To Be Featured at Flavorchem Webinar

The cRc Kosher is proud to announce that we will be featured at the upcoming live webinar hosted by Flavorchem: Preparing Your Brand for 2025 and Beyond: The Latest in Food and Beverage Certification. Rabbi Dovid Cohen, Administrative Rabbinic Coordinator, cRc Kosher, will be one of the featured speakers. The event will be on June...

Pesach 2024 With cRc Kosher

March 19, 2024 cRc Kosher is happy to announce that our popular Pesach Page website is now live! You now have access to all the information cRc Kosher has to offer to help you make Pesach, including: Download the full Pesach Guide Download selected Pesach Guide articles Links to selected full articles – including sources...

cRc Kosher Hosts Evening of Appreciation For Mashgichim

The cRc recently celebrated our Mashgichim at a special Melave Malka. This was an opportunity to show recognition and appreciation to the Mashgichim and their families, and a chance for the Mashgichim to get to know each other better, share ideas, and discuss their struggles and solutions to common concerns. Several speakers addressed the group,...

Turning a Blind Eye to Starbucks

Rabbi Sholem Fishbane had just stopped at the rest stop in Montvale, New Jersey, the last one on the Garden State Parkway right before Monsey. “I saw a frum couple walking in my direction. They were both holding ice-cold Starbucks Refreshers, complete with the cut lemons or limes inside,” he tells me. Starbucks Refreshers contain...

Vacation Education – Kashrus at Camp

When two kashrus professionals discovered weaknesses in the kashrus of the camp their daughters were attending, it jump-started a national discussion within the kashrus industry. How is it that parents are comfortable sending their kids to camps whose kitchens have no formal kashrus supervision, when they’d never dream of eating in a restaurant without a...

The Kashrus Pitfalls of Home Events

Recently, the level of professionalism has decreased at parties, parlor meetings, tzedakah events, and the like taking place in private homes or backyards. Today’s events often include sweet tables, carving stations, sushi bars, burger bars and alcohol bars—and the list goes on and on. Party planners are often hired to take charge of entire affairs—everything...

2023 Pesach Guide Now Available

March 17, 2023 The cRc Kosher is happy to announce that our popular Pesach Guide 2023 is now available for free pickup in select Chicagoland stores. It is also available for free download on our dedicated Pesach Page. Our Pesach Guide includes everything you need to prepare for Pesach, including our classic Shopping Guide, Pesach...

New Sefer From Rabbi Dovid Cohen – Animal Products

Rabbi Dovid Cohen, cRc Administrative Rabbinic Coordinator, has published a new sefer, Animal Products. This sefer covers items which come from animals (and birds and insects) that are not fleishig, including yotzeh min hatamei (YD 81), eggs (YD 86), milk and dairy (YD 115). It is available at www.kashrushalacha.com through Lulu or Amazon....

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