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The cRc is proud to present kashrus videos for your learning enjoyment.
Feel free to browse, learn, and enjoy.

To view the videos from the Kashrus Awareness Project, click here.


Episode 72 – America Runs On Dunkin’
Episode 71 – Product of Israel
Episode 66B – How To Kasher A Tank
Episode 69B – Intentional Attention
cRc Home Kashering Video
Episode 69A – Knead For Speed
Episode 67 – Heavenly Hamantashen
Episode 66A – Liquid Logistics
Episode 62 – Vinegar Vignettes
Episode 58 – Risky Whiskey
Episode 57 – Spiritual Spirits
Episode 56 – Melted Gelt
Episode 54: Holy Stoli – Kosher Cocktails
Episode 53 – The Knead For A Mashgiach
Episode 52 – For The Saké of Heaven
Episode 50: Exploring The Milky Way
Episode 46: Liquid Gold – Made in Mexico
Episode 45: Vintage Whisky – With A Sherry On Top
Episode 44D – Starbucks: Caffeine On Ice
Episode 44C – Starbucks: There’s A Latte Options
Episode 44B – Starbucks: Just A Black Coffee
Episode 44A: Starbucks – An Introduction
Let’s Talk Kashrus Episode 42: Hold My Beer
Let’s Talk Kashrus Episode 33B Full Steam Ahead
Let’s Talk Kashrus Episode 33A Kashering Confusion
Dietary Needs at the Seder
Can I Give Infant Formula To My Child On Pesach?

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