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5 easy steps to get certified

The application includes basic questions about your company, plant, products, and ingredients. All submissions are kept strictly confidential and applying does not obligate you to accept kosher certification. Complete and submit your free online application by clicking here.

After receiving your application, we will contact you to outline the basics of what you will need for kosher compliance. At this time, we will address any general questions you may have about starting and maintaining your kosher facility and arrange for an Initial Inspection.

To set up a kosher program tailored to your needs, a rabbi will come to your facility to get a firsthand understanding of your company and operating procedures.

After the Initial Inspection, you will be presented with your company’s specific kosher program and related costs. These will be outlined in a contract that specifies the requirements and obligations of both parties.

Once your company has signed the agreement and returned it with the applicable fee, we will send you your letter of kosher certification along with your customized and universally recognized cRc symbol to be used on your products.

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