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Turning a Blind Eye to Starbucks

Rabbi Sholem Fishbane had just stopped at the rest stop in Montvale, New Jersey, the last one on the Garden State Parkway right before Monsey. “I saw a frum couple walking in my direction. They were both holding ice-cold Starbucks Refreshers, complete with the cut lemons or limes inside,” he tells me. Starbucks Refreshers contain...

Vacation Education – Kashrus at Camp

When two kashrus professionals discovered weaknesses in the kashrus of the camp their daughters were attending, it jump-started a national discussion within the kashrus industry. How is it that parents are comfortable sending their kids to camps whose kitchens have no formal kashrus supervision, when they’d never dream of eating in a restaurant without a...

The Kashrus Pitfalls of Home Events

Recently, the level of professionalism has decreased at parties, parlor meetings, tzedakah events, and the like taking place in private homes or backyards. Today’s events often include sweet tables, carving stations, sushi bars, burger bars and alcohol bars—and the list goes on and on. Party planners are often hired to take charge of entire affairs—everything...

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