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Buffalo Trace Releases cRc Kosher Certified Products

Since ancient times, alcoholic beverages have played an important role in both religious and social life. The use of wine in temple services spanned across many cultures. The local pub was the social center of towns, where events were celebrated, and tales were told.  These cultural developments have stayed with us today, although modern palates may have become more sophisticated. Today, besides for wines and beers, many whiskeys, scotches and other spirits line the shelves of liquor cabinets worldwide.

Those keeping kosher are no less indulgent in these intoxicants.  Who hasn’t heard the traditional Jewish phrase  “L’chaim!” expressed while celebrating with friends?  And yet, the need to only drink kosher liquors makes these celebrations a bit more challenging.  This is why cRc Kosher has spent countless hours researching alcoholic beverages to determine their kosher status, culminating with the popular cRc Kosher Liquor List (found here).  This list is used nationwide, by consumers and Kosher Agencies alike, to ensure that kosher events can remain at the highest of kosher standards with a wide variety of alcoholic beverages available to them.

cRc Kosher also certifies Buffalo Trace Distillery and has worked with them to produce a kosher whiskey according to the highest of kosher standards. Last month, Buffalo Trace released its annual supply of cRc certified kosher whiskey (Buffalo Trace Press Release). This is just another example how cRc Kosher is helping to fulfill the needs of the kosher community.

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