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Pesach Guide Almost Done!

Wondering when we start working on the cRc’s popular annual Pesach Guide? Believe it or not, we start working on it immediately after each Pesach. We discuss what went right and what needs to be fixed. We also plan which feature articles we would like to publish the following year.

The work in earnest begins in November. There are numerous Pesach lists which needs to be compiled – including our OTC (Over the Counter Medication list), Dairy (Milk and milk-alternatives), the Shopping List, and of course, our popular Pesach Liquor List. After all, what would Pesach be without liquor?

We also finalize our article list, finding both interesting and informative articles. Did you know that many people keep our Pesach Guide over Pesach? Instead of putting it away on Erev Pesach, they keep it out in order to read the articles about Pesach and general kashrus issues.

Friday, January 28, 2022, was an important date on the cRc – that was the deadline to submit all articles and lists to layout! After layout is complete, it’s on to the printer, so that we can have our guide out to the public by Purim.

Just another busy Pesach-prep season in the cRc, as our motto goes, “Helping Consumers Keep Kosher.”

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