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4 in 10 consumers think lab-grown food is ‘scary,’ while many of the rest need more information

Ongoing transparency and education about technology-driven foods will be needed in order to encourage more consumers to give them a shot. Even though more than half the population is receptive to lab-grown products, more than 40% in this poll said lab-produced or synthetic foods and beverages are “scary” and they have no plans to add them to their diets, Charleston|Orwig said.

Following the pattern of greater acceptance among those aged 18-34, about a fifth of them said lab-grown products are the future and will help save the planet. However, not all of them hold such an optimistic view. More than a quarter of that group called the items “scary” and said they wouldn’t be willing to try them — though this is much less than the 46% older than 55 with those views.

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